“Nature is a volume of which God is the author.”


William Harvey was a famous physician born in the late 1500s. Harvey first recognized the circulation of blood throughout the human body. He found that blood is circulated through arteries and veins. Prior to Harvey’s discovery, it was thought that there were two blood systems. Harvey proved that it was all one continuous circulation and greatly advanced the understanding of human anatomy.


In describing his process of studying blood circulation and heartbeat, Harvey recorded, “I made dissections of living animals, opened up arteries in them, and carried out various other investigations. I also considered the symmetry and size of the ventricles of the heart and of the vessels which enter and leave them (since Nature, who does nothing purposelessly, would not purposelessly have given these vessels such relatively large size).” Harvey stated he figured it out by looking more closely at the venous valves. The flap inside the veins allows blood to flow in one direction and not return. Harvey found that the volume of blood flow per minute was too great for the previous understanding of the process. This then led him to the discovery of circulation. 


Before his brilliant discovery, Harvey earned his doctorate in 1602 and became a doctor in England. Then in 1618, Harvey was made the physician for King James I and successor King Charles I, along with other men of high importance. Harvey also examined women accused of witchcraft during the European witch hunt.


In his book “On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals,” Harvey said,“I found the task so truly arduous... that I was almost tempted to think... that the movement of the heart was only to be comprehended by God. For I could neither rightly perceive at first when the systole and when the diastole took place by reason of the rapidity of the movement...”  

Additionally, Harvey famously stated, “Nature is a volume of which God is the author.” He believed that God was real and saw Him as the Creator of the world.