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“Keep seeking to love Him and the next person He places in front of you, and He’ll take care of the rest.”




At age 18, Katie Davis Majors moved halfway around the world to serve children and families in an impoverished village in Uganda. Majors’ passion has grown into an international nonprofit, Amazima Ministries, that gives more than 700 children an education, food, and healthcare.


Majors founded Amazima Ministries in 2008 to educate and empower the people of Uganda. In addition to administering a scholarship program to enroll and retain children in school, Amazima provides its own secondary boarding and day school (high school) and vocational school for older students. Through both programs, the organization feeds and provides basic healthcare to children and families. The organization also provides a beading circle for women in the community where they are taught jewelry-making skills to support their families..


Majors first visited Uganda during her senior year in high school on a short-term mission trip. After high school, she moved to Uganda for a year to teach kindergarten at an orphanage. That one year turned into her life’s calling. 


The word “amazima” means “truth” in the Luganda language. Majors founded Amazima Ministries to see lives transformed, relationships restored, and communities changed through the truth of Jesus Christ.


Majors has written two books about God’s calling on her life and how He directs her work. Her first book, “Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption,” chronicles how God called her to Uganda.


Majors’ love for Jesus and others also caused her to adopt 13 Ugandan girls by the time she was 23 years old.


Majors says that she focuses on serving a living, loving Jesus Who gives her the grace to continue serving others. She says that God continues to use “flawed human beings” like herself to change the world one person at a time. Her chief advice to others (and herself) is “Keep seeking to love Him and the next person He places in front of you, and He’ll take care of the rest.”

Katie Davis Majors

Katie Davis Majors

Founder and Visionary of Amazima Ministries Image:

Kisses From Katie

Kisses From Katie

Kisses From Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Amazima Ministries

Amazima Ministries

Founded in 2008 by New York Times Best Selling author Katie Davis Majors, Amazima Ministries serves communities in and around Jinja, Uganda by providing education for children and youth, medical care, vocational training, and discipleship for women, children, and families. Image: Click link to find out more:


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